Roof Restoration At The Lowest Price

Through our article on roof restoration works , renovating your roof as a preventive measure will be a good thing since a complete replacement of it could cost you even more. To encourage this type of operation, there are aids that have been put in place recently with the aim of promoting the energy renewal of old dwellings over 40-50 years old that are still plentiful in our territory .

Note that compared to previous years, we can clearly say today that the price of a roof restoration can be significantly reduced by numerous financial aids, subsidies or tax and accounting incentives.


How much does a roof restoration cost?

How much does a roof restoration really cost? It is naturally, the question that everyone will ask themselves before embarking. But, before reducing the price of your repair by means of the various aids, the best method to lower your work budget remains to put several companies in competition in order to take the most interesting quote in the end (note that the quote is too low may mean a lack of experience and therefore poor quality work).

Roofing being one of the most important points of the energy loss (30%) of your house, its roof restoration is the subject of financial aid measures and subsidies as part of sustainable development policies. These aids will lighten, under certain conditions, the invoice for your work as owner-occupiers or lessors and tenants.

This aid could just as easily be allocated the National Agency for the Improvement of Housing, the regions, the departments or even certain municipalities. Fixed or proportional to the work in question, they must allow a real improvement of your home and subsequently lead to energy savings.


The CIDD (sustainable development tax credit) in the specific case of a roof restoration, will address both homeowners and tenants, for the main dwelling, the individual house or in some cases the housing completed more than 2 years ago. He will then make the roof repair deductible from your taxes.

It also concerns bouquets of heavy improvement work carried out by a professional and spread over 2 years. Finally, it will just as well relate to materials and techniques that are compliant for eligibility.

In any case, do not forget to compare the quotes of several roofers, the differences in terms of price are sometimes surprising from one company to another both in terms of materials and labor.

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