What is Building Inspection? Why is it necessary? What does it do?

Nowadays, thanks to the building inspection systems, it is possible to inspect the newly built buildings and give them the reliability approvals. In buildings that do not meet certain criteria, this approval system cannot be passed and it is possible to request changes.

The firms in the building inspection sector inspect the buildings and structures constructed from the basic stage to the final stage, so that it is possible to give or not to give continuation approvals to these buildings. Audit firm employees are architects and engineers with specific experience in their work. Only these engineers and architects can give their approval to the buildings in question.

What is Building Inspection

The inspection sector for construction in our country has become a sought after sector especially after the earthquakes in the Aegean region . Of course, construction supervision is a necessary sector not only in these regions but also in all regions in our country. Because, thanks to the building control system, not only earthquake-resistant buildings are produced. At the same time, the buildings are constructed according to the required criteria. In this way, people can live safely in new buildings.

Audit firms are the companies that do their job with care. We can say that the companies in question have a great burden on their shoulders. Because if there is thin or thick damage in the buildings inspected by these companies, the responsibility is the supervising company. Inspection companies are involved from the first to the last phase of a new building.

The construction company sends the project to the auditor first. In case of deficiency in the projects examined by the architects of the audit companies , the projects are not allowed. At this point, as mentioned above, the responsibility belongs to the building inspection firm. It is also possible to send the project back to the audit firm after the improvements made in the returning project and to re-operate the approval process.

Building Inspection - Why Necessary?

None of the buildings that were built in our country in the past were subject to an audit process. The demolition of these uncontrolled structures after the earthquake showed that there is a serious need for the inspection sector in our country. Nowadays, it is possible to say that all the buildings, from the largest to the smallest, have undergone building inspection processes, so that the buildings do not endanger human life.

Although it is revealed that there is a need for audit firms after the earthquake, the presence of these firms is not only a matter of this issue, but we can say that it is needed at every point of the construction processes and thus , it is ensured that the pre-earthquake actions are arranged. Not all buildings are damaged due to earthquakes, but some buildings are built naturally.

We know that such buildings can be destroyed even without external influence. For this reason, inspection is not only an earthquake resistant building production process, but a complete building production process. Thanks to the inspection, buildings that are resistant to earthquake, time, erosion and floods are constructed and defective building construction processes are prevented.

Building Inspection Companies - What Does It Do?

As mentioned above, audit firms regularly inspect newly built buildings. Engineers and architects who have at least 12 years of experience working in these companies inspect the buildings from the project stage to the final stage and give permission to continue the construction.

Constructions that the audit company does not approve cannot continue their work. At this point, we can say that construction companies that act according to the wishes of audit companies have become more profitable. Otherwise, construction companies to stop the construction of the structure can bring serious negative financial problems. Building inspection firms can sometimes work together in some major building processes. For example, in the construction of a very large site, the audit firm may have more than one number.

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