Performing A Building Inspection

I like to look to see if we have individual water shut-off valves the word requirement for building inspections newcastle is but if they're not there I usually talk to my client to say you know if you do any remodeling it's a good idea to add them on a newer house it is a requirement so when I turn the shower on I put the drain stopper on to see if it does actually hold water check to make sure house hot cold cold.

Now pre-purchase building reports since we do not have a window here it's a requirement we have a fan that fan is a little bit noisy so I'm going to put that in my report does it look like it's been vacuumed they're clean over here we have a GFCI outlet which is great I'm going to check it like this I also have one of these I like to use this on older houses to see if we have a real ground also in aluminum wire and one of our problems is voltage drops.

So I like to see what we have for a voltage drop we still have a hundred and fifteen volts a four percent drop at fifteen amps that's looking pretty good I guess say this house looked like it had complem crimps put pre-purchase building inspections on so I would expect to see some good numbers a lot of times when I find a house with the wrong outlets for aluminum wiring will start dropping ground circuits and I'll get a really high voltage drop so this is one of the ways.

defect reports

I check that okay coming in first thing I look up do we have any smoke detectors no so they have the one in the common which is what we used to do but like I say Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends each bedroom so my report is going to say add smoke timber pest inspections detectors per concern practice safety commission then I'm going to talk to my clients about it but when I come in we're just going to check a few outlets.

But typically you check every accessible outlet timber pest reports you check every accessible window you know you're not required to climb over beds you're not required to move furniture things like that in fact you don't want to get in that habit because it's easy to break things but we want to do that and you know right now in any cases of reverse polarity things like that these are TR or tamper resistant outlets tells me somebody's done quite a bit to the electrical system well that deep there was a deep coat on the UH panel that said September the kapalama currents had been put in so that's probably.

When a lot of this work was done sometimes that means we had a real estate transaction then sometimes they were just doing it for safety now this one here we're not required to look any outlets but this one has a .% voltage drop the others were three and four so since this isn't painted I'm just going to look behind there and see what it looks like going on see if we had to cop little crimp see if we had wire nuts expert witness inspections now we are a visual inspection we can use a screwdriver but what I want to look here is see what's going on now I can see the copper loom crimps all that looks good I'm not seeing any discoloration so it looks like this is all right just a little bit more of a drop.

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