Keys To Hiring Movers For Your Moving Company

You do a phone interview bring Moving Company in interview them all right your whole on boarding process and how it works within your office right who's going to handle the phone call who's going to handle the interview all right what questions you're going to ask them like really lay out a Moving Company recruiting process.

If this is something that's causing you to not be able to book more moves again you need to make it a priority all right you need to have a process behind it you can't just wing it right the same focus and attention that you put on your sales and marketing you need to put on getting Moving Company all right.

Because it's all one big component right it's all one big machine and every piece is necessary for you to grow your company for you to be profitable for you to be successful so that's the missing link right now for you make it a priority create a process behind it and train your Moving Company if you have a training program instead of just hiring them and throwing them on a truck and saying oh okay go out there.

And shadow this person for the day or you only hiring people with previous moving experience which doesn't always mean much just because they work for another moving company doesn't mean they know what they're doing this is a lot of Moving Company out there that have employees working for them that don't know what they're doing all right so invest in spending time and money on training them.

Before you put them out let them train at your office in your warehouse wherever you could do it all right train them on how to move furniture train them in customer service train them on how you do things at your company all right it's going to cost you a little bit of money on the front but it's so worth it when you have a training program in place.

You don't always have to find someone with moving experience you know there's a lot of great people out there that are just good employees right that are physically capable of doing the job they're good people that are reliable you know they'll be a good presence with your customer but maybe they don't have moving experience train them on how to do it right.

If you have the training set up you open up your workforce tremendously all right once you hire them reward your Moving Company for a job well done all right you need an incentive program you need a bonus program you know you can't look at it and say it's their job to go out there not break anything it's their job to go out there and make my customers happy all right you have to look it in say.

You know what I'm going to start rewarding them for positive reviews I'm going to start rewarding them for no claims all right put a bonus program together and get them excited about this right because listen it's not all about just hiring Moving Company it's all about retention it's all about keeping the good ones you don't want to lose the good ones and when you start doing this.

They have friends all right it's small community all right you want to be that company that all the Moving Company want to work for it and that brings you to the last point which is make your company a great place to work all right if you treat your Moving Company good if you have opportunities for them to make additional money because they're going out there.

And creating raving fans for you need to incentivize them all right every single year we would have a season kick-off party where we basically have a you know a picnic or we go somewhere and kind of have everybody calm and bring their families and have a barbecue and just kind of let them know that they're part of the team.

They're part of the family all right make your company a great place to work put these things in place and the first thing you need to remember it's so obvious but it's so important and many people aren't doing it make this a priority period if your phones weren't ringing and you didn't have leaves you'd be really making marketing a priority right if you didn't have anybody to answer those phones.

And call those leads you'd be making sales a priority if you don't have enough Newcastle Removalists to cover all the work that you're able to book make it a priority if somebody is working on this on a daily basis the recruitment process you're going to find the guys you need are you're going to find the Moving Company.

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