The 5 most used automatic garage doors

Today there are automatic garage doors of all kinds and characteristics, since depending on the space and distribution of the place where they are going to be placed, one or the other must be chosen. Another important aspect, which in many cases is also taken into account at the time of choice is aesthetics. There are a lot of models, materials and colors from which to choose, so that it does not clash with the environment.

Having a company specialized in the installation and repair of automatic garage doors is essential, since good work and, above all, knowing that you will have a quality automatic garage door, both in material and in operation, is essential. In Inmate we have experience in the assembly of all types of automatic garage doors, whether folding, sectional, sliding, tilting or rolling, which are the 5 classes that our customers demand the most.

For those who do not know the main characteristics that differentiate one automatic garage door from the other, in this post we will try to explain it to you so that it is easier to make a decision when it is time to install a automatic garage door in your home or business.

Automatic swing garage door

They are the most commonly used because they allow intensive use and for neighborhood communities and public park-ins is a good option, since they also usually have space. Its operation is based on one or two leaves that pivot on a vertical axis.

Automatic sliding garage door

The first thing to take into account in this type of automatic garage doors is that it is necessary to have enough space so that the automatic garage door to be opened can move to one side without colliding with any object or car, allowing them to pass through. They are also designed for intensive use, since they are very stable and easily automatize.

Automatic sectional garage door

These types of automatic garage doors are very practical for places with little space, since they are composed of panels that are assembled with each other, so they adapt to any dimension. In this automatic garage door model it is very important to have good quality mechanisms, since security is essential.

Automatic rolling garage door

As the name implies, this model has a system in which the automatic garage door is collected at the top, rolled inside a drum. The great advantage of rolling automatic garage doors is the optimization of the space it provides.

Automatic overhead garage door

These automatic garage doors may be the most used a few years ago, since there were not as many options as today. Inside the overhead automatic garage doors there are different models, the most commonly used consists of a sheet that rises and stays in the upper area of ​​the garage or two sheets that remain in the same area.

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